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Alloy Technology Innovation Inc.(ATI, Inc.) is a small business located in Nicholasville, KY. Dr. Alex Cho is the president and chief technology officer of the company.  ATI, Inc. specializes in state-of-the-art technology to develop and test aluminum alloys for ballistic, structural and aerospace applications. ATI, Inc.has an integrated facility for new aluminum alloy development activities which include casting, rolling, forging, and extrusion at lab scale.  ATI, Inc. also has a DC casting facility which can cast up to 500 lb billets. 

Past Activities


Past successes include manufacture and delivery of V-shaped underbody AA2139 armor hull structure for MATV program that meets ballistic, strength, and blast requirements for V-hulled vehicles.  AA2139 is originally developed by Dr. Alex Cho. 

Additional past activities are listed in Dr. Cho’s career activity description.

Current Activities


At present, ATI, Inc. is developing a new high strength weld wire alloy for high strength armor plate alloy AA2139

Founder's Profile



Alex Cho, PhD 

President & Chief Technology Officer

ATI Inc. (Alloy Technology Innovations Inc.)

Office: 859-885-1188, 304-541-1825

e-mail: alex.cho@ati-ky.com


Ph.D in Materials Science, 1980 - Cornell University at Ithaca, NY

Description of Relevant Experience 

Specialized in Al alloy and process development and manufacturing the products for aerospace and military applications, having 35 years of experience which include 28 years in world’s major aluminum industries. 

Notable Career Accomplishment.


- Developed a new weldwire to weld the best armor alloy, AA2139 for US Army.  

In the past, AA2139 is known to be unweldable.

- To help ALCOA forging division, optimized AA7020 chemistry and temper process specifically for completely welded underbody armor application, which were successfully manufactured and tested under an ARL-BAE program. 

- Manufactured and delivered Light weight AA2139 underbody armor for MATV (armored personnel carrier) fleet to SOCOM (US Special Operations Command) which were expedited to Afghanistan in 2012

- Development of AA2139 for vehicle armor applications

- Development of AA2050 for spars and floor beam structure for Airbus 380, Lockheed-Martin Orion Crew Module, Space X Dragon and Boeing Starliner

- Development of AA2098 for F-16 Fighter Skin Sheet and Space-X launch system fuel tank

- Development of AA2196 for Hubble Telescope and Airbus and Bombardier

 commercial airplane frames

- Development of AA2197 and AA2297 for F-16 Fighter plane Bulkhead

- Development of AA2195 for NASA Space Shuttle program and EADS Eurofighter program

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Alloy Technology Innovations, Inc

3000 B John C Watts Dr, Nicholasville, Kentucky 40356, United States

Alex Cho alex.cho@ati-ky.com p) (304) 541-1825 Alex S. Fryman spencer.fryman@ati-ky.com p) (859) 588-9993